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The PhD. Transport Planner Yang Wang is now part of Vectio's team


Yang Wang

Yang Wang is PhD in Transport Planning and Management of civil engineering school (UPM, 2014). Since 2014 she has been dedicated to research and teaching, working as a researcher in TRANSyT-UPM. Between 2009 and 2016, he worked in the European projects HERMES and INSIGHT, of the VII Framework Program, as well as in a National project GESTA. Her Doctoral Thesis was about "ASSESSING URBAN MOBILITY THROUGH PARTICIPATORY SCENARIO BUILDING AND COMBINED UTILITY-REGRET ASSESSMENT" (April 2014), obtaining the highest qualification.

She has participated in 2 European Projects and in 2 National R+D Projects. She is currently participating in the ECO-TRAFFIC project (National Plan) as the project manager. Between 2015-2018 academic year, she was giving courses of the subject Transportation in the Civil Engineering Degree at UPM (30 hours). She has experience also in teaching in other official masters (30 hours) She is skilled using several software relating to transport planning, like VISUM, VISSIM, VENSIM, ArcGIS.

In Vectio Yang will play a principal engineering role, leading and coordinating different projects. For the company having  Yang in the team means adding value to each job.