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Company Incorporations

Traffic & Transport Planning

Vectio is looking for a new Junior Engineer for our London office

Beth Fallon returns to Vectio to head the UK office

Marta Castro new director of Vectio in Panama

Ana Olmeda new Chief Technology Officer at Vectio

Vectio expands its team by betting on young talent

Vectio UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Harry Karandeinos as our new Technical Director

Errol Tan new director of Vectio’s UK office

Jorge Labordeta, Vectio’s International Bid Manager

The PhD. Transport Planner Yang Wang is now part of Vectio’s team

Nati Armentia new Director ES

Four new members join Vectio

Vectio’s team is happy to welcome the architect Alba Pelaez to the team


For further information, contact our commercial team.