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Demand studies for concessions

What does this service include?

We always keep a comprehensive study perspective, collecting existing data and capturing new data to develop the best strategy to follow, for transport planning and investment purposes. Our objective is to know the current situation in order to minimize the risk of future demand.

Own data capture system.

Update Surveys for Roads.

Growth and traffic demand forecast.

Passenger Demand forecast.

Development of origin-destination networks.

Network transport models. Use of modelling technology.


We provide the best solutions for each market

PPPs & Concessions

Greenfield & Brownfield
In this sector we offer our services to concessionaires (both Brownfield & Greenfield PPPs), investment funds, private firms, institutions and government bodies that wish to exploit a license or concession.
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We provide the best solutions for each market
PPPs & Concessions

Traffic assessment of the San Antonio junction using Microsimulation techniques to improve its capacity (North Urban Highway)

PPPs & Concessions

Optimisation study of Gaborone’s urban traffic lights system (Gaborone, Botswana)

PPPs & Concessions

Traffic Engineering Assessment in Bogotá (Colombia)

PPPs & Concessions

Mobility assessment for the Campus of Justice of the Community of Madrid

PPPs & Concessions

ATC survey campaign in the service lanes of the of the (A-4) La Mancha Motorway

PPPs & Concessions

Traffic management in Panama City


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For further information, contact our commercial team.