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Vectio will lead the Technical Assistance for the development of the Transport Community Information System – Transport Observatory in the Western Balkans


Wester Balkans

Vectio will lead the Technical Assistance for the development of the Transport Community Information System – Transport Observatory in the Western Balkans

Vectio has been commissioned by the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community (PSTC) to help develop the Transport Observatory concept and define the functional and technical requirements for its basic underlying analytical tool, namely the Transport Observatory database/Information system. To this purpose, Vectio is responsible for evaluating the input data that is needed to support the Transport Observatory’s core functions which include the evaluation of transport projects using an evidence-based approach; investigating data availability (socio-economic, infrastructure, operations, project related, legal etc.) and the feasibility to collect it on a regular basis, preferably automatically, in each of the Regional Participants (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro).

For the next six months, Vectio and our partners Project, Planning and Management (PPM) will be supporting the project beneficiary – PSTC – by undertaking various activities:

  • Activity 1: Analysis for the transport demand and traffic forecasting tool.
  • Activity 2: Analysis of the data needs for the Transport Observatory database.
  • Activity 3: Identification of data sources.
  • Activity 4: Analysis of the availability and current data collection mechanisms at the level of each Regional Participant.
  • Activity 5: Analysis of the existing and future-planned information systems/tools.
  • Activity 6: Definition of the data collection mechanisms and architecture.
  • Activity 7: Methodology for data analysis and performance monitoring, including definition of Key Performance Indicators, outputs and statistical reporting necessary to fulfil the TCT reporting duties.
  • Activity 8: IT requirements definition and options analysis.
  • Activity 9: Further development/refining of the Transport Observatory concept and definition of a roadmap for operationalization.
  • Activity 10: Terms of Reference/Technical specifications for the Transport Observatory Database/Information system.

Our role will also include the development of detailed proposals for collecting and using mobility data and proposing options/model/IT tools for collecting, storing and processing such data for the purpose of further using it in order to fulfil the Transport Community reporting duties to the European Commission and Permanent Secretariat.


About Vectio: 

At Vectio we are focused on the effective planning of sustainable mobility, we are experts in this field. Throughout our ten years of life we ​​have always maintained an innovative vocation, betting on the technological means most demanded by our clients. We firmly believe that, after more than 500 successful projects, what differentiates us from any other company in the sector is the use of the best technology for the collection and analysis of traffic and mobility.