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Vectio sponsors the international competition of ideas for a new bicycle line


Vectio, in its desire to bring the work of engineering closer to future generations of workers, has sponsored for the second consecutive year the international competition of ideas for a new bicycle path organized by the EPM (Polytechnic School of Mieres).

The aim of the competition is to present ideas to develop a bicycle lane in Mieres (40,000 inhabitants) that will revitalise the image of the city, provide continuity to the existing transport networks and optimise the urban space, among other aims. 

This year, many proposals have been received from all over Spain, including 16 international ideas. The competition is a great opportunity for students from all over the world to work towards sustainable mobility.

The quality of the projects made it difficult for the jury to make a decision and they finally awarded the first prize to Marina Giribaldi, a student of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is comforting that despite the difficulties of this 2020 the future of mobility has been committed and has presented quality proposals, congratulations to all of you who have made the effort to participate in this extraordinary competition of ideas.


About Vectio: 

At Vectio we are focused on the effective planning of sustainable mobility, we are experts in this field. Throughout our ten years of life we ​​have always maintained an innovative vocation, betting on the technological means most demanded by our clients. We firmly believe that, after more than 500 successful projects, what differentiates us from any other company in the sector is the use of the best technology for the collection and analysis of traffic and mobility.