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Big Data in Transport Engineering – #INWED21

In 1914, the Woman Engineering Association was born in the United Kingdom and on the occasion of its centenary, in 2014 the celebration of the International Day of Engineering was established on June 23.

Since 2017, Vectio has maintained a firm commitment to this initiative by organizing every year a day to promote STEAM vocations and give visibility to great women who develop their professional careers in the field of engineering and who are an example for everyone.

This year, taking into account the motto of the event “Engineering Heroes” we wanted to give voice to women who develop their profession in the field of Big Data, a discipline that has become especially important during the pandemic, applied to transportation.

We were fortunate to enjoy the presence at #INWED21 of Silvia Roldán, CEO of Metro Madrid; Julia Díaz, Data Scientist Senior Manager at Repsol; Laura Cordero, Expert Data Analyst at INECO and Begoña Tiscar, Head of R&D for Mail Line at Siemens Mobility.

In the streaming moderated by Nati Armentia, Director of Vectio ES, they talked about Smart Mobility, Machine Learning, the importance of monitoring traffic in real time, the importance of being able to adapt and be agile in the face of change, something that the companies of all the speakers were able to do at the beginning of the pandemic thanks to that technological capacity and investment in Big Data.

Something that all the speakers agreed on was undoubtedly the importance of having referrals from very early on, it is essential that companies approach educational institutions long before the period of university career choice.

For those of you who were not able to watch the event live, here are some headlines and the link to the full video on our YouTube channel.

“We need to improve how we communicate, to know how to transmit to future generations the beauty of STEAM careers” – Silvia Roldan | Metro de Madrid, S.A.

“Repsol’s chemical engineering team dedicated to Moto GP is 100% made up of
dedicated to Moto GP is 100% women and thanks to this platform I can tell about it and let people know this fact” – Julia Díaz

“Both companies and operators have to help users to be able to use public transport, we have that responsibility” – Begoña Tiscar | Siemens Mobility

“Big Data makes digitization possible in companies, it is essential to include these profiles in companies” – Laura Cordero Hinojal | INECO


About Vectio

At Vectio we are focused on the effective planning of sustainable mobility, we are experts in this field. Throughout our ten years of life we have always maintained an innovative vocation, betting on the technological means most demanded by our customers. We have the firm conviction that, after more than 500 successfully completed projects, we can offer our clients the best solutions for their needs.


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Big Data in Transport Engineering – #INWED21

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